1. We do our best to honestly and accurately describe the products and services we offer; however, we can offer no guarantee with regard to any rankings, gains in revenue, ROI or that you will see a certain amount of revenue—or any revenue at all—based on the purchase of our products and services. In a similar fashion, we cannot guarantee that you will not lose revenue based on such purchases.
  2. Any examples of sales generated, rankings, ROI, or incoming revenue are approximations of what is possible to achieve using our products or services. As they are examples only, they do not represent any guarantee that you will experience the same amount of success.
  3. Any success or results that you have experienced in the past with regard to said rankings, ROI or revenue should not be seen as an assurance of any future outcomes.
  4. Any examples offered on this website that refer to a specific business or individual are accurate. Verification of these details can be provided on request along with statement examples that illustrate typical results. Despite the veracity of this data, these results should not be viewed as a guarantee of revenue or a promise of any kind with regard to your projects, specifically. There is a range of factors that could have an impact on your rankings, revenue and ROI potential, and the vast majority of these we have absolutely no control over. These factors include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok and Google Ads, search engine algorithmic changes and search engine policy updates, Google Organic rankings, your workforce, your sales team, your skill level, your past experience, education, market changes, and your company’s financial health, and unexpected changes in your industry or market.
  5. As a business, you accept a certain amount of risk when operating your enterprise on the internet. It is your responsibility to choose the course of action that makes the most sense to you even though you may be making decisions that, in the long run, may turn out to be less advantageous than you originally thought. As a result, you could experience loss of business, loss of income or you may fail to generate any new business whatsoever. This is understood as the “cost of doing business” and as such, we assume no liability for such loss.
  6. It is presumed that any evaluation of services or products offered on this website has been completed by you in a timely and efficient manner and that you have consulted with appropriately experienced business people to help you make these evaluations. We support your decision to do so and understand that this is part of your due diligence when investing in business solutions.

For each and all of the above-stated reasons, you hereby agree that we cannot be held responsible for any decision you make or the consequences of such a decision as it pertains to any of the products or services we offer.


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